one last Halloween story

I held Amy’s hand while Doug chased Evan. A man in his 6o’s walked up and offered very kindly to take a picture of us with the camera in my other hand. “Umm, okay.” He clicked the picture, complimented Amy and we ran on to catch up with the boys who were now two houses ahead of us. Doug snickered as I scolded him for abandoning me. A few blocks later, we ran into the same man. He walked up to me and put his finger on the temporary tattoo that I had applied to a spot on my skin which is usually covered by a bra. Doug wandered ahead without me. The man smiled and asked “What’s that?” I made small talk about tattoos while his finger remained on my chest. He offered to take another picture of me and I declined while backing up until his hand was no longer connected and I raced (sorta) to kill the STILL laughing Doug. I buried Doug’s body in a shallow grave after beating him unconscious with an inflatable pirate sword. Next year, I think I’ll be Velma for Halloween.
bunch of pirates

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  1. Ewuuuuu! Does he live in your neighborhood? If so make sure your curtains are closed, eeeeeeewuuuu!

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