Sweet, snuggly Buttercup’s heart, lungs and bloodwork are perfect. The vet refuses to diagnosis Buttercup with dwarfism until tiny Buttercup has been sedated, x-rayed and scanned. Since Buttercup got snarly when the vet yanked on her paws, the vet has decided that Buttercup’s legs are causing her pain. Buttercup climbs up and down the cat […]


“Why does Westley smell like pancake syrup?” “Well, I think maybe he could have gotten some on him when he was like, walking on the table and then he might have accidentally licked my plate that I forgot to put in the sink.”

Overheard this week

“Don’t step on Gimli.” “Gimli ate a feather.” “Don’t let Gimli lick there.” “Gimli pooped in the flowerpot.” “Get Gimli off of the table.” “Gimli is not a girl.” “Let me make the bed, Gimli.” “Heeeere Gimli, Gimli, Gimli.” “Gimli can’t have licorice.” “I can’t when Gimli is asleep on me.”