Sweet, snuggly Buttercup’s heart, lungs and bloodwork are perfect. The vet refuses to diagnosis Buttercup with dwarfism until tiny Buttercup has been sedated, x-rayed and scanned. Since Buttercup got snarly when the vet yanked on her paws, the vet has decided that Buttercup’s legs are causing her pain. Buttercup climbs up and down the cat condo, chases the red laser dot, attacks toes under blankets and purrs constantly.

Do we really need to subject her to tests when nothing is going to make her legs any longer?

nyah kitten

3 thoughts on “Buttercup

  1. She seems pretty good to me. If she’s not having any trouble, I wouldn’t subject her to all of that. My question is, would the information change anything you are doing now? If not, then don’t do the test.

  2. She is a happy kitten. I don’t want to put her under sedation just to confirm a diagnosis. She’s short. No big deal.

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