where’s the hitchhiker’s guide when you need it?

We always knew that the group bathroom in the college dorm would be a problem for Tommy. It has been a constant source of annoyance for Tommy and the resulting poor hygiene has been the topic of far too many weekend conversations. Still, I was caught off guard yesterday, with just a few weeks remaining […]

my Friday & Sunday drive

I love this drive. The drive up the Interstate is hectic and the journey through the small town is painfully slow, but from that moment on, the drive just makes me happy. It is calm, quiet and beautiful. I drive past pastures filled with cows, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, buffalo and camels. Based on the […]

Tommy says:

“People have been cheering all night up here. Everyone is really happy.” Politically involved 18-22 year olds at a very small college in Appalachia are celebrating right now. Instead of screaming and cheering, I weep quiet tears of happiness. Tomorrow, we must begin moving forward as a united nation. As difficult as the past two […]


Of all yesterday’s speakers, the only thing more entertaining than the students, was a doctor at LMU‘s new medical school. He talked about the school’s mission to teach medicine to the people of Appalachia so that they could return to their communities with the skills to help. The doctor was eloquent and passionate and if […]