my Friday & Sunday drive

clicking without looking
I want to be IN the mountains.miles of calm
I love this drive. The drive up the Interstate is hectic and the journey through the small town is painfully slow, but from that moment on, the drive just makes me happy. It is calm, quiet and beautiful. I drive past pastures filled with cows, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, buffalo and camels. Based on the road debris, there is a skunk farm with poor security somewhere near the other farms. The skunks don’t lessen the peace that I feel on this journey. There are beautiful homes and abandoned trailers. I occasionally lower my eyebrows at the giant trucks filled with trees going to the mills, but I just can’t get stuck worrying about anything when I am surrounded by the mountains. I live in a quiet city with a downtown community that seethes with disgust for people who live in the suburbs (or anything they label as the West part of town). I couldn’t stand to live downtown. I would suffocate on the street. I love my quiet neighborhood of tiny homes and big hearted people, but someday . . . maybe . . . if I’m very lucky . . . I can live in the mountains. If not, well, you know where to throw my ashes.

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