Tommy says:

“People have been cheering all night up here. Everyone is really happy.”

Politically involved 18-22 year olds at a very small college in Appalachia are celebrating right now. Instead of screaming and cheering, I weep quiet tears of happiness. Tomorrow, we must begin moving forward as a united nation. As difficult as the past two years were, they were easy compared to the tasks that we face now, but for ourselves and our children, yes we can.

4 thoughts on “Tommy says:

  1. No one cheering here, most of my friends devastated and not talking to me 🙁 I had to cancel our poker night on Friday because I think it is too soon. We were hugging and celebrating quietly within our family. I lost a bet to Mr.Goldie because I never believed we could actually pull this one off. Now I have to pay up )))
    I actually missed the announcement on TV. I started dozing off when I heard it and jumped up, “wait, WHAT?”
    Still can’t believe it. Hope we don’t blow this opportunity.

  2. I’m very moved by the reaction around the world.
    I love your blog!!! Couldn’t wait to read it today.

  3. Happy Birthday Shea!
    I am stunned, too Goldie. Happy though!
    Thank you Debra. I’m enjoying the world’s embrace of an intelligent leader in the US.

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