I dub thee…

The not-a-child formerly known as Aspie Caveman shall now be called Stacheman. The former Sparkly NY Vampire Teen will now be dubbed Starving Artist. The middle child who was uncreatively labeled The Teen is now Professor Teen. She who was only known by her age, as in, the 10-y-o, is now SuperTween. He who once […]

evolving nicknames

I need to update the nicknames that I use for the children. ‘Aspie Caveman’ no longer spends all of his days hiding in the basement. He works, goes out with friends, rides the bus and can be seen almost daily, walking on a road that I consider too dangerous for foot traffic. I’m really not […]

That’s not my name

The 6-y-o is angry with me because he doesn’t have a nickname. “Lots of people don’t have nicknames. I don’t have a nickname.” “Yes you do! Your nickname is Cathy.” “What do you think my real name is?” “Mommy.”