evolving nicknames

I need to update the nicknames that I use for the children.

‘Aspie Caveman’ no longer spends all of his days hiding in the basement. He works, goes out with friends, rides the bus and can be seen almost daily, walking on a road that I consider too dangerous for foot traffic. I’m really not sure how to rename him.

‘Sparkly NY Vampire Teen’ is still a teenager and she has moved from a dorm to a Harlem apartment with a horde of friends. However, I have no way of knowing if she maintains the nocturnal lifestyle that she demonstrated during visits home or if she still has a sparkling, bubbly personality. She’s more of a ‘NY ghost’ right now.

‘Boy teen’ is driving now. He also has a far too interesting personality for such a plain nickname. He has a deep, mumbly voice like #24, but the brilliant absent-mindedness of Professor Brainard. Maybe he’s ‘Henchman Brainard’.

‘A’ never really had a nickname. She was always ‘the 8-y-o’ or ‘the 9-y-o’ and she is neither of those now. I think she is going to spend some time as ‘SuperTween’.

‘E’ suffered the age nickname status as well, but he also spent some time as Yoda, per his own command. There are so many good ideas for his nickname that I don’t know how to narrow them down.

I still answer to Mom.

3 thoughts on “evolving nicknames

  1. for aspie caveman if he gets a new name… should do something with evolution from caveman…

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