last day of school

Me: “How was the last full day of school? Anything interesting happen today?” Sarah: “Fine. Nothing. Can I go out tonight?” Noah: “Well, we played kickball outside during band. Ian punched Justin in the face and everybody was talking about it cause Ian’s a really nice kid. In health we played four square in the […]

Noah says:

On Noah’s SECOND school trip to Dollywood, he killed his cell phone on the Sidewinder. After sitting in the car for half an hour waiting for him after the last Chess Club meeting, Doug and I decided to try making one of the old phones from Doug’s electronics boneyard work for Noah. We found one […]

ask your father

Me: “Tell me about your day.” Noah: “Well, it was a pretty regular day.” Me: “Tell me one thing that you did.” Noah: “I went to chess club.” Me: “Tell me one thing about your day that was DIFFERENT.” Noah: “A mean kid mooned me in the hallway.” Amy: “What’s mooned?” *Me: “Ask your father.” […]


Evan: “You hair funny Mommy.” Amy: “Wow Mommy, you should brush your hair more often. It looks way better than usual.” Noah: “I like it when you do your hair Mom.” Doug: “You should straighten your hair more often.” Thank goodness Sarah and Tommy aren’t home to compliment me.

new OS for Noah

As I drove Noah to his middle school band concert, he talked about the songs he was going to be playing. No. That’s not an accurate description of our conversation. It would be more accurate to say that Noah spoke sheet music slang and I nodded my head while saying “mmhmm.” “So then, during the […]

falling like dominos

The plague is slowly working its’ way through our house. Sarah was the first to spike the fever that never ends and sleep like Rip Van Winkle. The only sign remaining that she was sick is her hacking cough and crotchety disposition. Now it’s Evan’s turn. His fever peaks in the wee hours of the […]

Noah says

Me: “This is Jethro Tull. They’re a rock band that uses a flute in their music, just like your friend P plays.” Noah: “Awesome! I wonder if P can get an electric flute?” Me: blink-blink

Noah says:

We have one car. I spent Monday helping Tommy at LMU and Doug was trapped at home with four children and no car. Me: “Noah, I’m not going to make it home in time to drive you to Scouts. Please call someone and get a ride. I will be back in time to drive you […]

it takes a licking and keeps on ringing

Nothing in our household is safe from the Tazmanian 3-y-o. Yesterday, Doug put a cookie sheet in the 400 degree oven and only noticed the cell phone sitting on the pan AFTER it was cooking in the oven. The pan was quickly retrieved from the oven. So quickly that the cell phone went flying off […]