last day of school

Me: “How was the last full day of school? Anything interesting happen today?”

Sarah: “Fine. Nothing. Can I go out tonight?”
Noah: “Well, we played kickball outside during band. Ian punched Justin in the face and everybody was talking about it cause Ian’s a really nice kid. In health we played four square in the gym. We ate lunch in language class instead of the commons. Somebody pulled the fire alarm, but there wasn’t a fire. We did tessellations in math. I heard that some kids made the water fountain flood one of the hallways. I cleaned my locker out and backpacks aren’t allowed tomorrow.”
Amy: “I cleaned out my desk today.”

Isn’t there some urban legend that girls talk more than boys?

2 thoughts on “last day of school

  1. My 13-y-o boy won’t even look me in the eye anymore – I do get a grunt every now and then, though…but usually when he’s hungry…

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