it takes a licking and keeps on ringing

Nothing in our household is safe from the Tazmanian 3-y-o. Yesterday, Doug put a cookie sheet in the 400 degree oven and only noticed the cell phone sitting on the pan AFTER it was cooking in the oven. The pan was quickly retrieved from the oven. So quickly that the cell phone went flying off the pan and across the kitchen. It landed in the dog’s water bowl. Well, it didn’t land as much as it splashed into the water, hit the bottom of the pan and bounced out of the bowl. The hot, wet phone finally rested in the middle of the kitchen floor. A quick quiz of the usual suspects clarified that Evan had, for reasons known only to him, put the phone on the cookie sheet. The phone cooled off, dried and seemed unharmed this morning. Noah put it in his pocket as he went to play Airsoft in the woods. A little while later, an unhappy Noah asked us to call his phone so that he could find where the phone was hiding in the piles of soggy leaves and branches after falling out of his pocket. The phone chirped a happy noise like a homing beacon and made its’ way back into Noah’s pocket. Best. Phone. Ever.

*bonus points if you know the obsolete product commercial referenced in the title

6 thoughts on “it takes a licking and keeps on ringing

  1. Don’t suppose you’d be willing to share the make/model of said indestructible phone? My 16 y/o has been through three of them in the last 18 months; I’m looking for something sturdy.

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