green fail

We recycle. We repurpose. We’re learning to eat more raw and less processed. We bring our own bags when we shop. We use water bottles instead of bottled water. I buy most of our clothes at consignment stores. I love second hand furniture. We are trying to continually evolve into a greener lifestyle. After spending […]

recycling don’ts

It’s time for yet another installment of: “Things Knoxvillians need to quit putting in their recycling cans.” food – Your garden can recycle it, but the waste collectors can’t. adult or infant diapers – Yuck! syringes, needles, sharps and anything that has been used to penetrate skin – I know your doctor taught you how […]

recycling doesn’t pay

When our trash company added an improved recycling service, we called immediately to get our recycling can and join the program. When the brand new can was delivered at our curb with no directions, I called for more information. The service was incredibly easy and uncomplicated, but it only took one week for us to […]