recycling doesn’t pay

When our trash company added an improved recycling service, we called immediately to get our recycling can and join the program. When the brand new can was delivered at our curb with no directions, I called for more information. The service was incredibly easy and uncomplicated, but it only took one week for us to realize that we could easily fill the recycling can every week even though the recycling truck only comes every other week. I called again to ask if we could get recycling picked up every week and landfill trash picked up every other week. Nope. When the program was created, it was going to be a profitable venture for the trash service. Over time, they hoped it would grow in profitability as they encouraged people to recycle more and landfill less. In the short time since the program was created, the market for recyclable waste has dwindled. It has dwindled so much that the recycled goods are beginning to stockpile. Apparently, our paper was once very valuable to China. I don’t know if they don’t have the trees to create paper or if they value their trees more than we value ours, but they wanted our paper so much that they bought our used paper. Not any more. Companies can’t afford to buy the waste materials like they were doing in the past. I would prefer giving away my unwanted paper, glass, plastics and metal over having it in a landfill just because someone who could use it can’t afford it. Wouldn’t that give more people jobs while reducing landfill waste? Maybe that makes me a socialist. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what is happening to our world.

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