Star Trek

My babysitters don’t clean, so I can’t give the movie a lengthy review right now. I think Mr. Abrams’ version is a beautiful starting point for a series of Star Trek movies. It is respectful of history and knows exactly how far to push the audience’s memory buttons. The characters are easily recognizable, but created […]

Star Trek geezer

I have mentioned several thousand times that I am more than a teensy bit excited about J.J. Abrams reinterpretation of Star Trek. When the tickets finally went on sale this week, I clicked over to confirm a midnight showing the night before the release. Well, there’s an early release all right. It is at 7 […]

Twilight teens

Sarah has been counting down the days until Twilight hit the theaters. When Noah and his friend asked to go see the teen vampire romance, I was a bit surprised. “Umm, are you going to see the girls in the audience?” I started calculating when and where the two 12-y-o’s would go to the movie. […]