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Sarah has been counting down the days until Twilight hit the theaters. When Noah and his friend asked to go see the teen vampire romance, I was a bit surprised. “Umm, are you going to see the girls in the audience?” I started calculating when and where the two 12-y-o’s would go to the movie. Sarah freaked. “They’re going? Before me?” After some mini-drama, we worked out a schedule that would allow the 15-y-o (“We’re almost 16.”) girls to see the movie on Friday afternoon to accommodate their party on Friday night. I fandangoed (is that a verb?) tickets for Sarah and a friend. Fandango knows me. “Are you sure you want to see Twilight? Don’t you want to wait for Star Trek instead?” I assured Fandango that I did want the tickets and the purchase was completed. The boys’ tickets were more complicated. They are too young to be unsupervised on a Friday night, so one of the adults had to go too. After unsuccessfully trying to talk each other into sitting through two hours of teen angst (“But you always say you want to get out of the house more.”), we decided to figure out the chaperone later and just get the tickets confirmed. Fandango argued with me. “Are you serious? You already bought two tickets. Why would you want three more for a later screening?” I told Fandango I really did want the tickets. “Really? Haven’t you seen the reviews? Wouldn’t you prefer to see something else?” After showing Fandango my latest psychiatric report and my children’s birth certificates, it finally relented and allowed the purchase. Now we can’t avoid the decision of which adult will go any longer. Stay home with the love/hate siblings or sit in an audience of squealing teenagers? Is there a third option?

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  1. We had to break our 8yo daughter’s heart yesterday. A boy she likes invited her to go see the movie with him and his family. At first, her dad said yes, not realizing what the movie was. Then he told me, and I said, “Really? That’s not a little kid movie, ya know.” He looked it up and realized it’s not a movie appropriate for our 8yo. So he spent the rest of the day (they were GOING to go to the noon showing) making it up to Darcy

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