Star Trek

My babysitters don’t clean, so I can’t give the movie a lengthy review right now. I think Mr. Abrams’ version is a beautiful starting point for a series of Star Trek movies. It is respectful of history and knows exactly how far to push the audience’s memory buttons. The characters are easily recognizable, but created in such a way that they instantly have a 3-dimensional quality that the original characters developed slowly. Any worries that some of the actors’ trademark roles might be a distraction were unfounded. If anything, the new Star Trek is TOO much of an homage. I don’t know if new audiences will enjoy it the way I and everyone else in tonight’s audience enjoyed it. I don’t think they’ll get shivers the first time the camera pans the Enterprise or feel a lump in their throat when a very familiar voice begins to say, “Space… the final frontier.” I hope they do though.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. I loved it! It was quite a departure from the usual star trek movies (some of which were just extended episodes of the tv series).

    Sorry the babysitter didn’t clean 🙁

  2. I think Abrams and the script writers did a great job of keeping a good balance between pleasing hard-core, long-time fans like me and bringing in new fans. I teared up when the original theme started (I would have been mad if it hadn’t been included) and I got chills when Kirk finally assumes command and you know Nero is doomed (no one can stop Kirk) as well as when the Enterprise rises out of Saturn’s ring.

    The only part I really found a bit too much was the forced love triangle of Kirk/Uhura/Spock. That felt too much like Abrams forcing his usual romantic triangle on the material.

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