“You can join social media when you are 13.”

Now, you are 13. You’ve been the “only person in the world not on facebook” for at least three years. As promised, you can venture forward into the hyperbolic world of social media if you follow a few simple rules. 1. You will friend/follow your father and I on every social media platform you join. […]


“Did you turn in your graduation announcements order form and check when you got measured for your cap and gown?” “Well, I was running late for lunch and umm, uh, no. I didn’t do any of that stuff.” “You had ONE job.” “Actually, I had many jobs. I had to do my internship paperwork, study […]

The images should be interesting

Dad: “Don’t forget you have a nurse appointment tomorrow.” Boy teen: “I do? Why?” Mom: “It’s just your HPV booster.” Dad: “Herpes or something.” Mom: “Cervical cancer.” Dad: “Do you have a cervix, son?” Boy teen: “Uh, I guess so.” Dad: “Really?” Boy teen: “Hang on. I’m googling it.” Dad: “You should do that?”

Food Brain

Several months ago, someone used my credit card to do some online shopping. I wanted to figure out how it happened so that I wouldn’t repeat whatever allowed the theft to occur. I found it extremely frustrating that neither the bank nor the online retailer would tell me the address of the recipient of the […]

Carl Sagan

Me: “Today is Carl Sagan Day.” Noah: “Who?” Me: “Oh, Noah. Get out your iPad and accurately describe Carl Sagan in 140 characters.” Noah: “Seriously?” Me: “Completely serious. Didn’t you ever wonder why your dad and I like to say bill-i-ons and bill-i-ons?” Noah: “No. You guys say LOTS of weird stuff.” You know that […]

fuzzy pictures, clear memories

That is probably the cleanest picture I took during my New York visit. I also like my less impressive, cell phone picture of the Bethesda Fountain. Neither picture is my favorite. My favorite picture was taken less than a minute after the sparkly Manhattan picture at the top of this post when I turned the […]

Not just any beans

Me: “Have you eaten anything other than funnel cake today?” Girl Teen: “I just finished eating some baked beans.” Me: “Beans?” Girl teen: “Bush’s beans. I didn’t think I could buy them in New York, so I hid a can in my luggage.” Me: “The luggage we shipped so you could travel to school on […]


Since Jedi Camp was in Oak Ridge, I did a lot of waiting between drop-off and pick-up. One day, I used my waiting time to read “Feed” by M.T. Anderson. Feed is a young adult fiction novel that is a cautionary tale, a la Reefer Madness, about the dangers of technology, social media and the […]