conversation with a neighborhood teen

He: “Did you hear there’s only one Beatle left?” Me: “There are two Beatles alive.” He: “Nuh-uh. George Harrison died.” Me: “Yes he did, but there are still two Beatles alive.” He: “Wow. They must be really old.”

She’s leaving home

Sarah leaves in one week. Seven days. That takes my breath away, but you wouldn’t know it if you get within earshot of me. While Sarah Toy Story 3’s her room, I talk to her. I talk to her when we are in the same room. I shout across the house to talk to her. […]

he vs she

Boy teen and girl teen are going on Fall Break outings. Boy teen is making the ever popular ‘marching band goes to Disney World’ trip from Wednesday until Sunday. Girl teen is going to middle TN with a friend to tour a college, roam Nashville with other teens and experience the joy/pain of Portfolio Day. […]

the world is shrinking

Sarah: “Everybody knew Justin and Adam. Oh, and Z used to be friends with the guy that beat Henry. A bunch of my friends are going to Sundown tonight. Can I go too?” Can I just lock the doors and keep the children home?

wounded confidence

Although she was a passenger in a minor accident (thanks to a quick thinking driver), Sarah has demonstrated excellent driving skills. She backs down our steep, narrow driveway to park. She travels Interstates and the twisty, dangerous roads of Knoxville without fear. She doesn’t just drive safely, she likes to drive. She drives siblings to […]

facebook is the new aol

“Augh! My paper that I spent an hour writing is GONE!” “Relax. Let me see if there’s a saved copy of it. Were you using Word?” “I was typing it up on facebook.” “Facebook? You were writing a school paper on facebook?” “Yes.” “Open up something other than facebook and start over.” “Did you see […]

Dear mouthy teenagers,

Cattle guard? Seriously? You really think it’s funny to mock a group of girls who are incredibly smart, talented and kind? These girls are honor roll students. They are in the honor society and key club. They work jobs and they volunteer in the community. One other little thing, they won every Color Guard competition […]

teen speak

I was once told that people add “in bed” to the end of every fortune from a fortune cookie. I don’t know how accurate that was, but it was one of the more believable stand-up bits from the source, so let’s just pretend that even though I had never heard it before, it’s something most […]

bad patient

4:00 pm – Sarah enters the house, vomits and goes to bed. Her temperature is 101. “I stayed up too late last night. I’ll be fine after a quick nap. I have to go to a football game tomorrow night.” 10:00 pm – After a six hour nap, Sarah’s temperature is 102. “I think I […]

Halloween gets tricky

What is the Halloween version of the Grinch? Me. Well, if you ask my teenagers, it’s me. Tommy hasn’t gone trick or treating for years, but suddenly he has started mumbling that trick or treating sounds like fun. It’s only mumbling though. He is happy with the long-standing deal that when you stop trick or […]