ornament arrangement

This afternoon, the children and their friends put the ornaments on the tree. I waited until they were finished and focused on other activities. Then, I started to spread some of the ornament clusters out to fill the giant gaps of emptiness on the tree. My children are used to me fidgeting with the ornaments. […]

Wall-E tree

Sarah’s free Wall-E tree came in the mail and she was thrilled. She wanted to immediately plant the tree in a temporary planter to help it last through the winter. Instead of waiting for me to find some potting soil, she went outside and dug up a shovel full of our front yard. I didn’t […]

from a distance

Neighbor: “Your tree looks wonderful.” Me: “But, it’s covered in popsicle stick ornaments.” Neighbor: “We’re looking at it from across the street. All we see is a beautiful tree.” Distance . . . time . . . beauty.

Wednesday Poll

This poll has nothing to do with politics. I know that’s tremendously disappointing, since everyone is feeling so nonchalant about politics right now, but this poll is about a tree. Ignore the dog staring at me like I’m insane for taking a picture of a tree instead of her. Focus instead on the extremely large […]