ornament arrangement

This afternoon, the children and their friends put the ornaments on the tree. I waited until they were finished and focused on other activities. Then, I started to spread some of the ornament clusters out to fill the giant gaps of emptiness on the tree. My children are used to me fidgeting with the ornaments. They know that every time I walk past the tree, I will shift an ornament or two.

The tiniest friend who helped decorate is the size of a pixie. She has such a sweet little voice that her words are musical. I have never seen her be anything but bubbly and cheerful… until today. She walked in the room as I was emptying a space near the top of the tree for the oldest and most fragile ornaments. She froze. Her eyes went wide and flames shot out of her mouth. “WHAT are you doing?”

“I’m moving a few ornaments.” Her head spun around several times. “WHY?”

“Did you finish your hot chocolate? Amy! It’s time for everyone to play outside. Now!”

I backed away slowly from the tree and waited until the friends had gone home, my children were in bed and there was total darkness before I touched the tree again.

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