Missing: one day

Wednesday was a busy, errand filled day that ended with freaky weather. At a time of night when the children are normally tucked in bed and Doug and I are using Netflix to catch up on something the rest of the world watched a year ago, we were multitasking ourselves to exhaustion. Three children, two […]

Ice, ice bay-bee

After several days snowed/iced in the house, Sarah and I ventured out to get the stir-crazy children something for dinner that would cheer them up aka Chic-fil-a. When we got in the car that hadn’t been used for days, I had my first wave of regret. The car was covered in two inches of icy […]

Dear Knox County Schools,

I don’t feel any stronger about school being cancelled than I do about school being open. Have school open during winter weather. If I don’t trust the bus, we will drive the children. If our neighborhood roads are glazed with ice, we will stay home. Cancel school for winter weather. We will stay home and […]

First world problems – clothing

Living in the shadow of the mountains, our seasons are a month of winter and a month of summer separated by several months of beautiful spring and fall. The transition to our brief spell of winter causes mornings of shivering and afternoons of sweating. I’m sorry. I mean glowing. Every morning this week, I’ve dressed […]

snow day

I know that it is 2:10 in the afternoon and the roads and skies are clear. School could have released one hour early instead of being closed the entire day. However, the looks on faces when school was canceled last night, were absolutely priceless. Sparkling eyes and contagious giggles electrified the air. There was even […]

forecast parking

We live in a tiny, older, working class neighborhood with residents who have been here for decades. The roads are more than a little bit steep. There are a few things that everyone in the neighborhood knows. When it rains, the creek is fast and dangerous. Once the leaves fall off the trees, the people […]

happy dogs

Our dogs LOVED last week’s snow. Run, wrestle, eat snow, repeat. Then, they really LOVED this weekend’s spring weather. Fetch ball, wrestle, chase squirrels, repeat. These dogs are happy about everything except rain and thunder. Guess what is in the forecast for Wednesday? Don’t worry. They will stretch out on our bed and hibernate until […]

too much Pax

Sunny days with temps in the mid 60s have the effect of G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate on me. My brain turns off and I just absorb the beauty of the moment. Too serene to get anything done and too serene to care.