snow day

I know that it is 2:10 in the afternoon and the roads and skies are clear. School could have released one hour early instead of being closed the entire day. However, the looks on faces when school was canceled last night, were absolutely priceless. Sparkling eyes and contagious giggles electrified the air. There was even a little happy dance. I think the joy outweighs the risk of running out of allotted snow days. The giggling, dancing teachers clearly needed an unscheduled play day.

4 thoughts on “snow day

  1. yes my mom clearly needed a play day?!?! (she is a teacher btw), but yet i never got tennessee and snow… (im from the north btw). its like here you even hear the word snow, even if it was july, on tv and the whole city goes into panic, schools shut down, grocery stores are flooded… people are just stupid, its not the blizzard of ’93

  2. My concern is that now Mr. M. has learned that the meteorologists are often way off/cry wolf, the next warning/prediction won’t be taken seriously, and the kids will be put into danger (when they are released early and are traveling in dangerous road conditions).

  3. eh I was annoyed they could have had a full day in before it started snowing but it could have gon ethe other way too damned if you do damned if you don’t I just wish I could have had a snow day out of it too 😉

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