forecast parking

We live in a tiny, older, working class neighborhood with residents who have been here for decades. The roads are more than a little bit steep. There are a few things that everyone in the neighborhood knows. When it rains, the creek is fast and dangerous. Once the leaves fall off the trees, the people at the top of hills can see into everyone’s homes. B burns leaves and branches in the creek whenever it is dry. If children do something stupid, someone in the neighborhood WILL tell the child’s parents. If something breaks, the city and county will both claim that it’s the other team’s problem. When there’s ice on the roads, the only people getting out of the neighborhood are the ones who were parked in the street at the top of the hill.

So, would someone please explain to me why all the neighbors are parked at the hilltop? Do they seriously think it’s going to snow tonight? Did I miss a big weather announcement for tonight? I know it’s forecast for tomorrow, but how often does that forecast come true in Knoxville?

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