Kids’ clothes and bags ready for the morning. Dishes aren’t done because I need to do this stupid excel sheet and finish gluing Sarah’s display first. It would take Doug 15 minutes to do this because he’s an expert at excel but I first tried saying out loud all the things I need to do and he ignored me. So then I asked him what his plan is for the evening and he said “huh” and started typing on his computer. I know that he usually answers that question “what do you want my plan to be” and I usually have no plan for him. Usually it is just a question. But tonight I actually did have a request to make and he is pretending he doesn’t know that. I’m not lighting my candle tonight.

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  1. “I’m not lighting my candle tonight.”

    Uh oh! Should have helped you out with this one! Again, keep your head up, it’s going to be ok!

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