Actually got to take a bath and wash my hair today. There is a definite corrolation between bathing and my moods. I would like to say that the dead skin cells cause me some sort of chemical imbalance that makes me depressed or cranky but the truth is that I just feel better emotionally after bathing. The bath makes me feel relaxed and it is the one thing in my day that is just for me. Granted my baths are usually interrupted, but they are still a treat. Today I started out bathing while the toddler threw toys at me and ended up putting her in the bath with me. She had a blast and is now taking her nap. Baths make her happy and relaxed too!

Sarah forgot her safety patrol belt. I am torn between wanting to run it up to her and wanting her to suffer the consequences of not keeping up with her own stuff. Of course, this morning she was extra loaded down with my, I mean her big project display.

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