Straightened the living room and sat down to read the newspaper when Tommy started chanting “underwear, underwear.” Apparently there are no clean undies in his drawer and it is my job to fix that the instant he demands it. I told him to go do something while I finished the paper. He continued his underwear chant until I threw him out of the room. I’ve gotten some laundry done but haven’t found any of his undies yet. Did realize that all of Noah’s pants now fall above his ankles. I guess he grew when we weren’t looking. Tommy needs long pants too. It was fine for him to wear shorts when he stayed home all day, but now that he goes out every day he needs more than 2 pairs of long pants. Doug finished his meeting and then went to visit a friend of his. It’s almost time to go get Noah. I should eat something before I have to leave but I better start another load of laundry first.

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