Doug has tried very hard today to control his temper and be tolerant of Tommy. It has made this a pleasant day for everyone.

This afternoon I stretched out on Tommy’s bed for a few minutes and Amy took it as an invitation to play. She stood up on my stomach, jumped in the air and landed on her bottom over and over again. In between jumping she would lean forward to rub noses and occasionally bite my nose and lip. She giggled and laughed that magical laugh that makes all your worries disappear and everything seem right in the world. She is a wonderful child.

The washer and dryer are still chugging away in my effort to get a week’s worth of laundry (for our army of 6 + dog + 2 cats) finished in one weekend. I have this great system of 3 color coded laundry baskets for the children to sort their dirty clothes into, but apparently they’ve been suddenly struck color-blind as all the clothes are in a heap on the bathroom floor.

Now I’m torn between my desire to go chill in bed with the stack of magazines my mother handed down and the need to go do dishes. Hmmmmm.

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