busy bee

Deposited the cookie money without any negative looks or words from the poor teller who had to count all those singles (several hundred). Got Doug a new belt so he’ll look good this week in Nashville and bought myself a cheap sweater from Proffitt’s clearance rack. Dropped off the cookies that MHA ordered and got Noah a new belt clip for his Boy Scout uniform. Bought Tommy a Boy Scout handbook and he practically pee’d in his pants with happiness. Took Tommy to his psychiatrist for a quick check-in and new scripts. Came home and started counting out cookies for delivery in the neighborhood. As soon as I waste 10 minutes reading and writing blogs I’ll do a load of dishes. Tommy is in the background asking “Can I get on your computer now?” over and over again.

One thought on “busy bee

  1. The belt rocks. Matches the watch you got me long ago. Thanks for making me look spiffy! Certainly adds to my self-esteem.

    I love you!

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