I am depressed. Doug is grumpy. My parents have a special talent for innocently making me feel like a complete failure. Today they dropped Sarah off and her hair was about 8 inches shorter than when I dropped he off at their house last night. My mother casually remarked that the hairdresser told her how very “dry and damaged” Sarah’s hair was and that I really should have been using conditioner. Then they informed me that they had next Sunday all planned. Early service, then egg hunt at their house followed by everyone going out to eat with my grandmother (who has Alzheimer’s). Yes, we have no lawn. Only a hill of weeds, ditches and overgrown brush. Thank you for reminding me that we live like trailer trash as often as possible mother. Thank you for scheduling my children’s Easter so that I feel like a visitor along for the ride. Thank you for telling me I can’t take care of child’s hair and for taking it upon yourself to give her a major style change.

Tomorrow is the zoo crew meeting that promises to be unpleasant and unproductive.

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  1. it was a hard choice but it had to be made
    the quality of the time spent with gradparents is now way better. I believe that quality time with grandparents is better than quantity time if that quantity time is not matched or bettered by your own input.
    It is our belief that Jude and I are responsbible for raising and providing for the children we brought into the world so back off granny!
    It had to be done and now we are all much better for it. and no hard feelings. we havent explained to them what we have done or why

  2. When our parents, mine particularly, started doing too much, controlling situations and their moods were not the best, we took the kids away from them. They have started to appreciate the kids and hardly butt into our choices for them anymore. We found a babysitter, or two, through our church and limited the time spent with the grandparents. (for babysitting purposes).
    I am sure you will work out what is best for yourself and your family.

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