I know they’re up to something…

I keep waiting for Doug to post about what happened on Saturday but since he hasn’t I’ll nudge him with my version of the story. Saturday night Doug turned to me and said “I didn’t want to tell you this because I know how your mind works, but…” If you have been following my blog, you’ve already read about all the residents of our cove. The renters have been next door for a year now and kept to themselves except for our occasional tiffs. Saturday one of the men who lives there (2 couples and children) came over and started quizzing Doug about what he does for a living. Doug offered that he is a computer programmer and works from home. Then the conversation turned to the neighbor saying that someone has been stealing from his home. Hard Rock Cafe jacket and Van Halen records or some such useless junk. Well, first of all, WHY would anyone steal that kind of junk when the other people in the neighborhood have computers, televisions, etc.? Secondly, why are the renters the only ones who have been robbed? Third, in this cove people are pretty nosey and aware of everything happening so the idea of a break-in just sounds fishy.

So, in my mind (remember that this is why Doug didn’t want to tell me) they are either having someone in their household stealing stuff and selling it OR (what I really believe) they just cased us and set us up to be robbed. These people are the only renters in the cove. They come and go at all hours. They moved in the house with NOTHING. Every piece of furniture, appliance, television, etc. is rented. They are set-up to hop in their cars and never return. They have a leased car that is crushed so badly the rear fender is held on with rope. Their explanation is that they were hit and run from behind. I just don’t believe anyone could inflict that much damage and just drive away because the other car HAD to be crushed too. These people are wierd. They paid a deposit in cash to start their trash service then never paid a bill. After the can was finally taken away they just started over with a new trash service. This way they get 3 – 6 months of trash service from a provider for the cost of one depost (one month’s service fee). Doug is totally unconcerned but I am flipped. They will wait a few days or weeks and then suddenly we will lose everything. We don’t have the option of losing our stuff and replacing it. We would just be without. Without his computer, Doug can’t work.

One thought on “I know they’re up to something…

  1. buy household insurance now
    ask them to watch the house and feed the animals one day for you and get brand new stuff on the insurance when its all gone
    dont tell anyone thats waht you did!

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