sniffle and keep moving

I still can’t breathe through my nose and the damage mouth breathing is doing to my lips is quite gross. Chapped, cracked and bleeding lips beneath a red runny nose and a voice that sounds like a cross between Lauren Bacall and Harvey Fierstein. Yes, I’m the picture of loveliness. If I were Doug I’d be very excited about getting away from me for the weekend.

Sarah is so excited about the class trip that her face is a huge smile and her little body looks like it has enough energy to run the entire distance between here and Nashville. I need to quit fooling around on the web and finish getting Sarah and Doug’s things packed. Once I make it past the Saturday morning overlap when I’m supposed to be in two places at once things should be fine over here. If I could just get Amy to keep a diaper on things would be a lot cleaner over here. The duct tape no longer slows her down.

2 thoughts on “sniffle and keep moving

  1. Pardon my ignorance (i’ll have to learn about this sooner, rather than later), but could this diaper removal not indicate that she is ready to be potty trained? Keep in mind that I have no clue about this stuff.

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