I am so disappointed that the man on the corner went back on his word and turned his property into a rental home. Doug and I disagree on how many of the homes in our neighborhood are rental but we both agree that the rental properties are not given the love and attention that the other homes receive. The idea of people coming and going so quickly feels unsafe to me and I wish we could finish this house and find a more stable neighborhood. But I know that Doug has neither the time nor the money to work on this house so it will stay half-done, half gutted, in construction limbo for quite some time. I hate living in mess like this.

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  1. I know how you feel about the neighborhood. My husband was so ready to move out of our apartment, I think we compromised too much. Our street has several rental properties. I feel more safe now that I did in our apartment, since we had stuff stolen twice — once off the patio and once the car was broken into. No problems with the house so far, but it can be scary sometimes.

  2. one solution is to make friends witht he renters – get to know them and develop some trust – hard if they keep moving i know

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