Except for not having any sponsors yet, I’m having a pretty good day. Doug made a lovely Project Blog button for my blog. Tommy hasn’t done anything but lounge around and complain, but he hasn’t screamed at anyone either. Sarah has made a long, long list of possible puppy names. Noah has spent the day hopping from house to house with his friend. Amy’s black eye is now just a lavender eye. I mailed all of the paperwork for our scout troop’s sleepover at the zoo and finally got caught up on insurance paperwork. Now I just need to visit Wally World for some much needed groceries. I started pimping my blog in an effort to get some sponsors. I’m not a fan of pimps even if I do think that prostitution should be legal. That doesn’t mean I want to be a prostitute any more than my vote to legalize the lottery in TN means I want to waste money on lottery tickets (I still haven’t bought a single ticket). I just want to help the Autism Society.

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  1. I am so glad I read your blog today! I am very behind on all my reading, as I have been out of town. I hadn’t heard about Project Blog, but it sounds like a great way to raise money. I sponsored you, and signed up to participate myself! Maybe I can snag your button for my site? Let me know!

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