Today I was happy spending the day with my family.
This week starts off poorly and then it gets better. Tomorrow morning we have Tommy’s m-team where we will hear the Knox County schools’ mantra that never makes it into the meeting notes, “We don’t make accommodations at the high school level.” Tomorrow evening is a support group meeting so Doug and I will have to decide who stays home with the children and who moderates the group. I have to get the fair entries mailed for Girl Scouts and continue searching for a meeting spot for the scout troop. Churches and schools no longer welcome scout troops. Are scouts that messy or delinquent? Wednesday I have a scout leader meeting and Thursday night is 3rd grade parent orientation. I think that if it’s your third child to go through third grade you should be excused from those meetings. How many times do you need to have the rules read to you (even though they’re on the paper in your hand) and get a lecture about how “this year is more serious.” Friday is my brother’s birthday and Saturday the Girl Scouts and I will be making a scarecrow. Any advice?

This year the school buses have combined routes and made changes that result in both 8-year-old, impulsive Noah and preadolescent Sarah having to run across Northshore during morning rush hour traffic. Add to this the fact that both buses come at nearly the same time but in two different locations, so only one child can be monitored. I know it could be worse. I heard there’s a bus stop on Pellissippi Parkway. That doesn’t make it any less stressful and dangerous.

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  1. Geez … why do they have to make it so difficult? And the transportation nightmare! Who thinks this stuff up? Honestly!

    I hope the M-team works out well and Tommy gets what he needs from the schools. I share your frustration, but in the reverse now … my boy is ready to transition back to “regular” school but they are dragging their feet. He wants to get back into JrROTC and take Drivers Ed (shudder) which he can’t do at KAEC.

    ‘Tis a foin lookin’ Tommy boy ye got there, mates!

  2. The irony is that Cathy used to work for TVC. Tommy spent many years at KAEC. It’s actually documented on his paperwork that “[he] doesn’t belong [at KAEC].” And my personal favorite, Tommy has played several times in John McCook’s backyard.

  3. Won’t make accomodations at high school level? Pardon my French but that is horseshit. Have you contacted any advocacy groups yet? Call TN Voices for Children, 609-2490. http://www.tnvoices.org/
    They will go with you to M-team and IEP meetings to make sure that the school is complying with federal guidelines that mandate every child’s right to a Free, Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

    Also, give TN Protection and Advocacy a call … 1-800-342-1660 http://www.tpainc.org/

    When I said that I was going to bring these people in, the schools all of a sudden started finding all kinds of ways to accomodate my son. Amazing eh?

    If you feel that Tommy would be better off in a specialized setting, Knox Co Schools does have an alternative, therapeutic school … Knoxville Adaptive Education Center. That is where my son is going.

    Good luck and feel free to email me if you want to chat, whine, bitch or whatever.


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