Lost is reminiscing today, so I’ll add a few of my own memories. I remember SNL when it was funny and the bands really rocked. I remember Pong and the fear that it would burn an image onto your screen. I remember floppy disks. I remember spending hours taping songs off the radio to create the perfect ‘mix’ tape. I remember when everyone went trick or treating in their own neighborhood. I remember where I was when Elvis died, when John Lennon was murdered and watching the Challenger blow up. I remember pet rocks and mood rings. I remember death warnings from mixing Pop Rocks and soda but everyone doing it anyway. Your turn now. What do you remember?

11 thoughts on “Geezin’

  1. Anyone remember the Steve Austin (6 Million Dollar Man) action figure with the rocket that opened up into a laboratory?

    And it wasn’t a doll either!

  2. I remember going to my sister and telling her my brother had said something particularly bad about her…

    I remember going to my brother and telling him my sister had said something particularly bad about him…

    I remember sitting back and watching the pre-cable entertainment.

  3. i remember them strapping me down on the table and the injection going in – it felt cold…
    and then the peoples faces and the light receded into the distance and i remember nothing else

  4. I remember…

    –Living in Hawaii in the days before satellite TV and they had to ship all the episodes of TV show over to us…so we’d see all the holiday themed shows a week later than everyone else.
    –The Bionic Man doll craze…there’s a story there that I will share at some point.
    –Reagan getting shot.

  5. I remember…

    Shrinky Dinks, BriteLites and my slinky.
    When BubbleYum had spiders eggs in ’em.
    “Conjunction Junction”
    TAB soda
    The great “Atari vs. Intellivision” debates
    Sitting in the backseat while we were in a gas line.

  6. I remember:

    – Cabbage Patch Kids riots
    – “Land of the Lost”
    – The network breaking into the last part of the “Battlestar Galactica” 3-hour premiere to broadcast news of Carter’s Israeli/Egptian peace agreement.
    – Reagan’s assassination attempt
    – Micronauts
    – The big heart-pounding jaw-drop at “NO, I AM YOUR FATHER”
    – “The Day After” *shudder*
    – Freakies cereal
    – Happy Joe’s pizza/ice cream parlor in Fountain City, that later became Godfather’s Pizza.

  7. I remember:

    when I only had 3 channels to choose from, and they were received on an antenna.

    the smell of the ‘sawdust’ they would sprinkle on the floor in elementary school when someone would puke.

    when cartoons only came on Saturday morning.

    flipping up the collar on my Izod shirts because it was cool.

    taking my Rubix Cube apart to solve the cube.

    when Coke came in 8 pack bottles, and you could take a bottle to the store and get 10 cents for each bottle.

    when you could get 4 candy bars for $1…

  8. The guy who invented Pop Rocks, William Mitchell, just recently died. There’s a great obit on him in this month’s Atlantic Monthly. You can see the beginning of it here.

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