We had a conference with Noah’s teacher today. I went into the conference anxious and tense, ready to pounce her if she said anything negative about my child. It could have been something completely true, but I’m not always rational when it comes to defending my family. The teacher was quiet, soft spoken and sincerely interested in helping Noah. The first issue was Noah’s complaints about a peer. The teacher was unaware of the boys’ squabbling but I think she’ll be watching for opportunities to intervene now. The second issue was Noah getting in trouble regularly for reading when he should be doing something else. I hated to suggest it, but I suggested his book be turned in each morning and given back when his work is completed. The third issue was Noah’s chosen books not having AR (accelerated reader) tests because they are middle school level books. The teacher is going to ask the librarian if they have access to the middle school software for AR but she doesn’t think they will. In that case Noah will do a book report instead of the AR test. I think he would have enjoyed the assignment more if she had let him write 10 good AR type questions and answers for his books, but oh well. The last issue was Noah’s handwriting and the teacher politely told us that we couldn’t expect much improvement, ever. Apparently left-handed Noah writes with his hand in a hook posture, something that should have been corrected years ago. Great.

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  1. I can’t even tell you my shock in reading this! I haven’t been reading you long so I’m not sure exactly all of the details of Noah’s life – or how old he is – but this sounds EXACTLY like our conference with our daughter’s teacher – even down to the reading when she wasn’t suppose to. Wow! If you are interested in how we got help email me or IM me (gigglinguniverse on both Yahoo and AOL) – her teachers asked us what happened because it was almost over night. Congrats on having such a bright child. 🙂

  2. that wont stop him using a keyboard!

    my handwriting is also completely crap after going to 4 schools int he early part of my school life (i went to 9 all up) and my handwriting was changed by every teacher I had.

    so get him using a pc to write his reports asap and get him emailing my eldest daughter if you want

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