When my mother’s parents retired, they had a home built out in the Natchez Trace Park area, near Parsons, TN. Their property had several different gardens and a small pond, so they needed transportation just for getting around. My grandmother always used the riding mower with the trailer attached to go down to one of the gardens. My grandfather usually drove the tractor. When my grandfather bought a small Honda motorcycle, I always suspected it was just to entertain the grandchildren. We certainly were entertained. One of us was almost always zipping that little thing around. We didn’t just drive on the family property either. We raced up and down those twisty-turny, hilly roads. Since we weren’t old enough to have a license, that was probably not a good idea. Of course, a LOT of the people that lived out there drove around without licenses too, so I guess we were as qualified as anyone. There was a fairly flat piece of field behind my great-grandmother’s old house that seemed perfectly safe for being extra stupid. I could close my eyes, lift my feet and be completely reckless. I was certainly caught off-guard when I suddenly realized I was about to hit a huge hole in the ground and would certainly have flipped over the bike. Without looking, I swerved right and as I did so, the wheels of the cycle actually went on a wire coming out from a utility pole. Completely stunned, I managed to drive both wheels onto the wire before I felt myself falling along with the cycle, onto our sides. Shaking from the shock of it all, I tried to lift the cycle so I could slide out but I landed in such a way that lifting up caused something hot and heavy to push harder into my ankle. After several tries I just sat there calmly waiting for a rescue party. My rescue party turned out to be an elderly farmer in an old pickup. “Need some help there?” Completely embarrassed, I thanked him and pushed the cycle back to the house and gave the entire family a great big laugh with the details of my adventure. At least I wasn’t the only grandchild to do stupid things on that cycle.

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful story. I did stupid things all the time when I was young…oh wait, I still do.

    Very nice blog.
    I will be back. Yes, you have been warned.

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