About twice a year I invade my children’s bedrooms armed with a hefty bag. Broken toys, happy meal junk and rotting food hidden behind dressers are all thrown away. Buckets are sorted to make sure that the Lego bucket has only Legos in it and Toy Dinosaurs are all in their own bucket. It was during one of these cruel invasions of my children’s privacy many years ago that I stumbled upon something that was not where it belonged. Tommy was about 5-years-old and I was flabbergasted to find tampons mixed in with his army men.
“Tommy, why are these in here?”
“Those are my rocket launchers”
He said it like it was their intended purpose and they quietly disappeared from his room as well as their usual storage spot in the bathroom. I would rather hide tampons than have someone come over and find my child playing with them.

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  1. *snort*that’s a good one lol. After I had Katie my son Jamie would come out of the bathroom with pads wanting to know if I needed to change my diaper yet? LOL

  2. Karoline would find the tampons in the bathroom and would carry them in her mouth by the string. Or she would put them in her mouth like protuding teeth.

  3. Our friend’s little boy, when he was seven, asked his mom for a tampon. She said to him, “You don’t even know what they’re for.” And he responded, “Ya’ stick ’em up your butt or something.” She never did find out why he wanted it to begin with.

  4. That is hilarious. I can just see a five-year-old saying that so matter-of-factly. Save that to tell him when he’s 15. I’m sure he’ll be mortified.

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