The phone rings after less than an hour of the school day and my heart sinks when I see the caller ID.
“This is Tommy’s VP.”
“Uh-oh. What happened?”
“I don’t think suspension encouraged Tommy to change his behavior any. Instead of bumping into the girls, today he is grabbing their bottoms to get their attention.”
“Oh that’s so rude, I am so sorry.”
“I think that the teachers, the school officers and I are going to stay by his side for a while.”
“Umm, ok.” That sounds kinda stigmatizing and embarrassing.
“Maybe you could explain to him that girls don’t like their bottoms being grabbed.”
“Yes sir, we’ll talk about this.”

Is it only Wednesday?

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  1. Have you seen the classic Star Trek episode, “Charlie X”? In the story, the Enterprise picks up a kid who’s been living by himself all these years. He has never seen a girl, has no idea how to react to them (as compared to those of us who have been around them for years and still have no clue…but I digress). Anyway, at one point Charlie sees Captain Kirk and some guys in the gym doing manly work-out things…and Kirk slaps a guy on the butt. A couple of scenes later, Charlie is talking to Rand and slaps her on the butt not knowing that it’s inappropriate. Kirk then has to have an awkward conversation with him about why we don’t do this…

    Reading about your situaiton, it kind of reminded me of that…only that Charlie could roll his eyes and make things disappear….

  2. It’s great stuff…it has next to no relevancy to the situation here however….

    Pretty much like everything else I have to say…

  3. Juvie? That is just so wrong. You must go get yourself a double chocolate shake asap! While you drink it, create a secret blog that conceals your identity so you can gripe about evil exes who don’t have any right to criticize when they aren’t dealing with it everyday.

  4. Man .. what IS it about this time of year and these special kids of ours? The autumn is always the toughest time for my kid. He has had almost a year of doing really, really good … until last Thursday. It wasn’t the school that called … it was the juvenile detention center. He was arrested at school for disorderly conduct. He had a rage and broke a chair that he either kicked or threw into the wall.


    And I can’t blog about this because his father (the evil ex from hell) would see it and pounce on yet another chance to bash me for being a “bad mommy” … you see, this bipolar thing is all my fault.

    *sighs again and goes hunting for leftover Halloween chocolate”

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