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  1. Ahhh the Electric Company – someone else remembers it. We had one up here in Canada called the Friendly Giant – he was reaaaaallll popular. What about Romper Room? I was pissed cuz that Miss Whoever NEVER EVER saw me in Magic Mirror and I was waiting excited all the time.

  2. Oh yes! I loved Captain Kangaroo and spent most of my time on PBS. I also watched the original ZOOM. There was another show that had a couple of kids visiting a cabin type house out in the country but I can’t remember the name. Oh yes–HodgePodge Lodge! That’s it.

    I was an only child whose parents worked so I spent a lot of time alone. Since I also had various social problems, those shows helped me survive the early 70’s.

    How about Kukla, Fran and Ollie? I always liked the foreign films they would show. There was the Red Balloon and Pippi Longstocking. My favorite was a black and white Japanese movie called Skinny And Fatty. Anyone remember that one?

  3. The best part about the Electric Company was Spider-man and the French guy who kept painting the number of the day on people.

    I got my mother to buy me “Because a little bug went Ka-Chooo!” after Captain Kangaroo read it. It’s still one of my favorite children’s books.

  4. I loved The Great Space Coaster! Especially Francine, the beautiful 16 year old brunette singer/guitar player in TGSC band! Frannie used to sing, “I want to ride my bicycle!” in one of the live footage video segments of the show. Please sign the bring back the great space coaster online petition @ www. petitiononline.com/TGSC because it now has 2,278 signatures.There is also The Great Space Coaster Homepage @ www. great space coaster.com dedicated to this classic live action, 1980’s children’s puppet t.v. show for grade schoolers.

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