TV ramblings

While I hope everyone involved in the dumpster fire that is Inhumans is sitting on a time-out bench, thinking about what they did, I am loving The Gifted. The world they’re building and the characters inhabiting it are deliciously absent the sad trope of good and evil. Still, there are some directions they seem to […]

Blind men & the elephant

Granny: “We’ve been watching a show you might like. Quincy Jones and the Mod Squad girl’s daughter is in it.” Child: “She was on that show with Joy from Inside Out.” Me: “Oh! Rashida Jones from Parks & Rec. I’ll add it to the watchlist.”

late night tv commercials

First commercial: Pause tv and run to the bathroom. Return from bathroom and fast forward the entire first block of commercials. Second commercial: Attempt to forward and audibly groan when you realize that you are viewing live. Complain instead of paying attention. Third commercial: Raise one eyebrow and allow your inner cyberchondriac to question if […]

random tv thoughts

Bones – I have my fingers crossed that Cyndi Lauper‘s appearance on next week’s Bones is used to promote her wonderful Forty to None Project. Fringe – We’ve been rewatching season one before the final six episodes of the series. I highly recommend it. The change in perspective makes my disappointment in Olivia’s lack of […]

tv quickies

Eureka – However rushed the series finale may have seemed, the moment when I remembered the scene from the first episode that was about to come full circle was the moment when I smiled, nodded my head and sighed happily. Breaking Bad – The scene in the corporate headquarters with the Los Pollos Hermanos sign […]

Pop culture rambling

Alphas is very much an X-Men and Heroes blend, but their ‘big bad’ this season makes them a different flavor than their influences. As much as I love what they are doing, most people won’t. The first tweet I saw this morning referenced teachers complaining about spectrum students in their classroom. Our state defunded an […]

Today’s schedule

Channel 431 aka ABC 7-9 pm LOST recap show 9-11:30 pm LOST series finale 11:30-12:05 weeping and/or gnashing teeth 12:05-1:05 am Jimmy Kimmel’s Aloha to LOST

Breaking Bad and other stuff

If you spend an hour talking to anyone who works in social services, the subject of meth will somehow work its’ way into the conversation. Between that and the presence of meth in the local news, I imagine that I am surrounded by meth labs, dealers and users who are still functioning well enough to […]