If Southerners are all heavily armed, why is it so hard to find a dozen used brass casings from a shotgun? The broom handles are turning out to be difficult to find too. We’re getting everything else on my supply list from Greene’s military surplus. Saturday’s Girl Scout meeting will be fun if we can just find the missing items. We’ll make a sample tonight and post the picture.

Update: We have all the supplies and are working on the demo piece. Why didn’t anyone question WHAT we’re doing with such an odd supply list?

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  1. For the broomsticks do you need wood? If you can substitute wooden rods, you can probably buy them at Home Depot, I think they are called dowels. Something like that. Do you know anyone with a shotgun? The shells are pretty cheap, you could ask them to fire them off for you, and give you the shells.

  2. The past two days have been very educational. Shooting ranges (esp. indoor ones) generally don’t have shotgun users. There are people who collect all the empties and refill them. Places that sell ammo don’t keep shotgun shells because of their size and lack of popularity.

  3. Try the Smoky Mountain Gun Club outside Maryville. They have skeet ranges, and will have PLENTY of spent shotgun shells there. Drive out there and just ask for some from someone who’s just finished a round of shooting.

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