March Tailgate Party

This month I have the honor of hosting the Rocky Top Brigade’s Volunteer Tailgate Party. As always, a stroll through the brigade shows the great diversity of bloggers represented by the Rocky Top Brigade. Just this month:

Liz at the Appalachia Alumni Association has a very timely post about pharmacists who refuse to dispense prescribed contraception.

Nikolai at Communists for TennCare would like everyone to read their Manifesto and then join them on a March to Save TennCare on Friday, April 8th.

Cathy at Domestic Psychology has, oh wait, that’s me, hidden among a dozen Girl Scout cookie recipes a vaguely political post and just this week felt the need to explain my unusual Easter pictures.

Great Smoky has a very succinct comment about Senator Frist as well as a link to a military themed art exhibit.

Elizabeth at Harelipfrog has a recipe and photo diary of her experience with pickled eggs.

Inn of the Last Home’s Barry tackled Knox County’s truancy problems and shares his feelings about the Red Lake tragedy.

Jeff Blogworthy has a tongue-in-cheek post relevant to the story that has dominated the blogosphere recently.

Nashville Files posted a wonderful photo diary of his recent visit to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery plus a thoughtful commentary on the use of security cameras.

Newsrack Blog gives his thoughts on bankruptcy bill hackery and continued his insights about it here.

Poop Happens breaks down the daily news report and sends a message to a friend.

SayUncle has a lot to say about Knox County’s new adult bookstore regulations and gun control laws.

Sugarfused has the shortest and funniest post of this month’s tailgate party.

Whites Creek has a very Southern story about 4-wheelers and hogs as well as an Easter sermon, well, sort of anyway.

Finally, Whoa Mama has some very cute baby pictures to share.

Pop in and say hello to these and a few of the other Rocky Top Brigade’s bloggers for some Southern hospitality, politics and just good old fun.

9 thoughts on “March Tailgate Party

  1. Great job. It’s a fun way to get acquainted with other RTB bloggers. I’ll definitely make a more concerted effort to participate next month.

  2. Thanks for hosting!

    I missed it this time due to some hacker taking over the account that I get the RTB announcements through…Ugh!

  3. Well done tailgate! I enjoyed the summaries and reading the actual articles of each tailgater. Thanks.

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