Dear Doug

Dear Doug,

I apologize for squeezing bruises onto your forearms. Sorry I used fingernails on some of those squeezes. Sorry for the evil glares and wishing that when I was blowing and panting, I was blowing flames. Sorry for screaming in your ears and crying on your shoulders.

I’m sorry I wouldn’t go to the hospital until 9 hours after my water broke. Sorry I leaked on our sheets, the furniture, the car and everywhere else. I apologize for making you try to convince a woman in active back labor that she was halfway there and didn’t need an epidural.

Thank you for the beautiful baby boy. I love you and I love our family.


P.S. I really need a nap.

9 thoughts on “Dear Doug

  1. Cathy and Doug,

    I went on vacation and managed to put the laptop down for a while so I’m just catching up. Great blogging here and a big congrats to both of you!

  2. Dear Cathy,

    Those were the bedrails not my forearms. The doctors were impressed with the bending metal but thought it could be straightened until your nails sliced through them. The glares were not evil but idyllic. We reached the pinnacle of complete, telepathic and non-verbal communication. In one instant I completely understood the grotesque tortues you wished upon my body, the mental games you plan to use to wash away my remaining sanity, and the wholesome pleasure intended for yourself as you laugh manically applying a rusty knife to my vas deferens. By the way, you did blow flames but the nurse said her eyebrows will grow back. As for the screaming, its ok because my new hearing loss helps with the noise of 5 children. You can cry on my shoulder anytime! (Less biting please)

    As for not going to the hospital, I can imagine its difficult to let go of something you’ve held onto for 9 months. Don’t worry about the sheets, the furniture, the car and TVA reports that with the extra flood gates open Fort Loudon Lake will be back down to normal levels by Thursday. After your head spun around, your eyes rolled into your head, and you spit split pea soup on me it didn’t really take much convincing that you really did want the epidural.

    Thank you for the beautiful baby boy. I love you and I love our family.


    ps. That was perhaps the sweetest letter I’ve ever had. Thank you for being such a good mother. I’m glad that the delivery went so well and that you and Evan are so healthy. I will make sure you get plenty of naps.

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