In-home deliveries

Amazon key participants can get their packages delivered behind locked doors instead of on porches or front steps. The idea is to have less package theft and reduce failed delivery attempts. The reality is that while this is our future, it isn’t one we are currently prepared to embrace. I’m not worried about the delivery […]

The case FOR holiday cards

All year long, I use email, SMS and social networks to communicate with people. I leave a lot of digital footprints, but nothing that would survive a terrible magnet attack. The exception is the card that I mail every Christmas season. Since I have read several anti-card posts this week, I am going to attempt […]

I get mail

Dear Cathy, I am not a desk, filing cabinet or crayon box. I am not a bathroom drawer or medicine cabinet. I am not a camera bag, computer bag, book bag or Kindle case. I am not a toy box. You are asking too much of me. I can only take so much abuse before […]

Dear cell phone service provider,

We’ve been together for a very long time. I really don’t ask for a lot from you. In exchange for almost never hearing from me, we have FIVE phones and pay you an exorbitant amount of money. It’s time for you to start providing some useful services in exchange for that hefty bill. I want, […]

The Easter candy is gone already?

Dear Nestle aka Wonka, Just like every year, I help the Easter Bunny by picking a bag or two of whatever candy happens to be on sale each week before Easter. This year, I ended up with one bag of Wonka Runts Freckled Eggs. I didn’t realize the incredible taste sensation that is a Runts […]

Christmas Cards

After a few hundred tweets of complaint, I finally have Christmas Cards ordered. Now, I just need your snail mail address. Please take a millisecond and e-mail me your address. Thank you!

Dear Sarah,

Dear healthy, able-bodied, teenage daughter, If you want to go to the mall after school, please put one foot in front of the other and get yourself there instead of waiting until I drive all the way over to the school and asking for a ride to the mall. Kthxbai. Mom

morning e-mail

Cathy – Is there any food that all of the children will eat other than chicken nuggets? Mom Mom – Tommy eats almost anything. He won’t eat tomatoes or brussel sprouts. Sarah eats white foods. Chicken, pasta and bread. No fruits or veges. Noah eats meat and ketchup. Amy eats most foods, but is leaning […]

just wondering

When you get an e-mail that was sent to a thousand people about something that is an urban legend and you reply only to the sender, but never see a correction sent to the other 999 people, do you think your link to snopes was ignored?