When Tommy was a baby, I played Steely Dan during fussy times and eventually he would calm to the familiar songs. Sarah's music of choice was Aerosmith. For Noah it was the Beatles and Amy preferred Eric Clapton. Evan is 6 weeks old now and should already have his music but Doug is voting for Pink Floyd and I am thinking something like Chicago. It has to be something that we can all listen to at all hours of the day and night, over and over and over again.

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  1. Chicago, Boston, Kansas, (were they all city names back then???) and maybe some Sting, Police and aw beaners, I can’t think of the last one.

  2. I usually ended up singing to mine. Mia wouldn’t go to sleep when she was a baby unless I was singing ‘Me and Bobby McGee’. Echo is the oddball. He hates for me to sing. I tried every kind of music in the house to try and comfort him and the only thing that worked was Merle Haggard. Over and over and over. But it worked like a charm!

  3. I vote for Slayer. If that doesn’t work, try some old Sepultura (not the crap with the new singer).

    If you want older stuff, go with NWA.

  4. I was joking because his cry in the car at the time we were talking sounded like he just came out of the recording studio for The Wall.

    And I could listen to Floyd until my ears bleed. And then some! (and I know you could too)

    Chicago is a great choice!

  5. When you see me walking by and the tears are in me eyes…twist the knife, *****, twist the knife!

    Sorry…my own little version of a certain Chicago song…

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