no panty lines on the Today show

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen the View.  The rule in our house is that daytime television must be child-focused and a bunch of women nattering just isn’t something that children find interesting.  One of the few moments I paused on it before changing the channel, Meredith Vieira was discussing with the other hosts the fact that she doesn’t wear underwear.  I missed why this was something that anyone needed to know but it’s the only thing I know about her.  Keep that in mind when you watch her interviewing celebrities promoting their latest movie or politicians campaigning for good PR.  Maybe it will be one of her standard interview questions.  “So, underwear or commando?”

3 thoughts on “no panty lines on the Today show

  1. and that is why I don’t watch day time tv. that was just something we don’t need to know, becasue from now on everytime we see her we will think “she doesn’t wear underwear” 😉

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