12 thoughts on “May 1st

  1. Heck yes! Screw the Mexican flag waiving bastards. This is an intimidation tactic, and I don’t care for it! California subsidizes illegals healthcare such that they get better care than parts of my own (US CITIZEN) family!!! I’m outraged by this tactic! I’m not some militant “foreigner go home” type, I am simply appalled that no tax paying law-breakers could conceivably influence our government of the people (illegals, not the mob)!

  2. Well I wouldn’t have put it quite like Matt but yes, I’ll be going to work tomorrow and will be disappointed if someone stays home because of any kind of protest, counter-protest, counter-counter-protest or whatever. I might shop, I might not but it will depend on if I need something. I will wear whatever color I find first in my closet.

    None of this controversy interests me, in that nobody has much to say that actually addresses the obvious breaking of laws that is going on, nor that all people should be treated with humanity and respect. When both sides agree on those points, I’ll listen. Until then it’s just white noise.

  3. no no and no

    I don’t understand what the protest is protesting.
    There is no clear message as to what they want.

    I really believe it will backfire and unite those who were on the fence before and turn them against the whole movement.

    I believe the media is pitting everyone against each other to make news and if blood is shed, it will be on their hands.

  4. I’m not protesting, so yeah, I’m at work.

    Here in south central TX I’m not sure there is much of a protest going on. Dallas seems to be the lightning rod for our state.

    I’ve tried not to delve too much in the issue, but it pisses me off that we the people have been happy to have folks that will work for cash and really cheap for years and suddenly we want to follow all the laws. If they put the CEOs of all the companies that have benefited for all this time in jail at the same time, we might get somewhere.

  5. Of course Dallas is a hot spot! What gay man in his right mind wants to do his own yard work?!

    I’m going to go put myself in the corner now and stare at the wall. That was naughty.

  6. Carmom got mad at me last night when I told her that I put that post on here. She says I am always “instigating.” guilty!

  7. Went to work today (in Dallas). The drive was great! I made it to work in record time. Thanks to the boycott there were no slow trucks pulling trailers with lawn gear, or vans full of carpet rolls hanging out of the back or truck beds full of day laborers puttering down the hightway going 40 mph in a 60 mph zone. Can we have this everyday? As for my lawn…my wife mowed it this morning and trimmed the hedges. I didn’t notice a difference in life due to the boycott.

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