5 thoughts on “LOST discussion

  1. Looks like 4815162342.com acquired hansofoundation.org. I can’t believe abc would let the domainname slip away.

    The voicemail mentions the web address specifically.

  2. Did I miss the commercial last night?

    Jeni and I called Michael being bad a few months ago in a comment on Doug’s blog. I told her last night when he took the gun that I’d be disappointed if he didn’t turn out to be bad.

  3. I told Doug Michael was a trap when they ‘found’ him last episode. I knew Libby was dead meat and am not sad to see Ana go except that Jack won’t learn the connection to his father or that he has a sibling. Yes, there was a Hanso foundation commercial mixed in with the regular commercials last night. I jumped up and started screaming instead of listening for clues. “Look! Look! It’s fake commercial! Can you see this? OMG!”

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