One last Lucy entry

We were not Lucy’s first owners. She belonged to an elderly woman. The elderly woman’s family became concerned when they didn’t hear from her for a while and were very sad to find she had been dead for several days. The woman was found in her bed and right beside her was Lucy. None of the medical or family members could get Lucy off the bed so they could retrieve the body. It was determined that Lucy hadn’t left that bed for days either. Lucy was finally removed forcefully and left at the vet’s office where my mother worked. The vet decided that they couldn’t do enough for Lucy. She was in mourning for her owner. My mother brought her to us hoping that the children would perk Lucy up and answer Tommy’s begging. Tommy had been begging for months that he wanted his own dog. Tommy was 6-years-old and struggling to function at school, at home and in the community. Tommy had good days and bad days but he also had very, very bad days. Tommy lit up like Christmas when my mother brought Lucy to our house. Lucy hid under a chair and Tommy just sat on the floor beside her. Little by little, Lucy relaxed and bonded with us as we fell in love with her. She was part of our family for 10 years. Last night when I came upstairs to do bed checks I expected to see Lucy stretched out on the couch. She wasn’t there. She wasn’t sleeping in Tommy’s bed either. Today Noah came home early because he was sick, but he has no symptoms. Tommy’s teachers decided he wasn’t able to take his Gateway test before they even knew why he was so angry and unhappy. Amy said she wants “Lucy to be new again.” Lucy wasn’t just a dog. She was part of our family and we all miss her.

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  1. Of the two dogs, Lucy was the one Evan bonded with first and strongest. He would climb on her every chance he’d get.

    When Lucy and I first met, we could not figure out if she was trying to ward me off or was jealous of my time with Cathy. Over time Lucy and I developed a strong bond and even recently she would climb up on the couch to rest her head in my lap.

    Lucy, even though too large, would squeeze under Cathy’s chair to be near Cathy. She often would take all the space under Cathy’s desk. Lucy hated thunderstorms and turned to Cathy for comfort.

    Lucy was our protector and would girrr and growl when strangers, other animals, or phamtoms approached. Molly would follow her lead and bark even when it was just a phantom.

    Lucy could clear a room…no, a house! She redefined the SBD.

    Lucy loved having her nails trimmed and would act like a puppy at Petsmart.

    Lucy had wonderful eyebrows and they would dance alternatively, comically, when she was begging. Her eyes would dart from you to the object of desire as one eye brow raised and another lower.

    Yes, we all miss her.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. I’m glad I got to meet her and give her some cheese. She had it made there w/ you all, she definately had a life filled with so much love.

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